Moving Photoshop Layers between PSD Files

How come I only just discovered that you can easily move layers between PSD files in Photoshop? This is so useful. Layers are no longer trapped inside a photoshop file, you can move them at will between your PSD files.

Simply right click on a layer, select duplicate layer and choose another open PSD file as the destination for the the operation. Voila!


Moving Photoshop Layers between PSD Files

Download Adobe LightRoom 5.1.7 for windows


I just couldn’t find where to download the installer for LightRoom v.5.7.1 online.

The only sites seemed to be dodgy. Adobe only seems to be offering v4 or v6+ and CC versions.

So here we go Download Adobe LightRoom v.5.7.1 Windows Installer from an official Adobe web site.


Download Adobe LightRoom 5.1.7 for windows

Download image or videos from HIK Vision security camera fails

HIK Vision save video image

If you want to get an image or video off your HIK Vision security camera from the web interface, then you have to remember to

  • Only use Internet Explorer 11
  • Run IE11 as Administration

The plugins required by the web interface to the video camera are only included by default in Internet Explorer 11. Thankfully IE11 still ships in Windows 10.

If you attempt to download or capture a video image you will simply get an error saying failed with no hint as to why.

Camera model: DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS

The android interface using the app is a convenient way to get a liveview of the action, but it won’t allow the download of direct images or videos.

Download image or videos from HIK Vision security camera fails

Using BOB2 as your VoIP service with Linksys WRT 1900ACS as your NBN Modem


So I swapped out my old but faithful iiNet supplied BOB2 router for a shiny new Linksys WRT1900ACS.

BOB2 was happily running the whole NBN fibre service but I wasn’t able to get the 100Mbs I was paying for – especially over WiFi. Also BOB predates the 5GHz 802.11ac wireless technology by a few years, so I was missing out on squeezing all those bits out my airwaves.

Setting up the Linksys WRT 1900ACS was very straightforward. Just plug the ethernet port marked INTERNET on the back of the WRT into the NBN Fibre  modem and connected to the default WiFi SSID and followed a few prompts.

The Linksys WRT 1900ACS is an industry leading wireless router with plenty of speed, power and features to keep your network running as fast as possible. Alas, though, it does not support any of the VoIP protocols so I would have been without a VoIP service.

The following steps show how to configure BOB2 to support just a VOIP service, so you can continue to have a phone service active with the Linksys WRT 1900ACS as your main internet router.

Here is the main wizard configuration screen required ;



[click for larger view]

The cabling looks like:

NBN Fibre Modem <–> Linksys WRT1900ACS <–> BOB2

The WRT is now the NBN router, the port marked INTERNET on the WRT is connected directly to the NBN Fibre Modem.

Any of the 4 GBE ports on the WRT is connected to the BOB2 port Ethernet 1 (lowest yellow port when BOB is standing)

To get the configuration into BOB, disconnect Ethernet 1 and connect a laptop via Ethernet. Factory default BOB. When BOB restarts, connect to the web interface using the laptop password=admin

Configure the following on BOB on the wizard page.

1. Modem is currently configured for FTTH/NBN
2. Configure Port, Select your port: LAN1
3. VoIP Setting, 4. my VoIP phone line 1 username is : 08xxxxxxxx
4. VoIP Setting, 5. my VoIP phone line 1 VoIP password is: XXXXXXXXXXX
5. VoIP Setting, 8. select the state you are in : WA

[Save settings]

Now connect LAN1, the port you have designated as the “internet” port, on BOB2 to one of the GBE ports on the Linksys.

The internet LED and phone one LED will light up and you will have a voice service.

1. after adding this configuration, you will not be able to manage BOB whilst connected through the Linksys, you will need to keep an ethernet cable and laptop handy.
2. disable the wireless on BOB to stop it interfering with your shiny new wireless beast.
3. no extra configuration is needed on the Linksys – no port forwarding for eg.

Thanks to Asa Stallard from iiNet for pushing me in the right direction.

Using BOB2 as your VoIP service with Linksys WRT 1900ACS as your NBN Modem

SSH Terminal (aka putty) on Android – Termius

So I have an EC2 instance that I sometimes need to login to when away from my PC. I figured that there ought to be some kind of android ssh client that I could use in an emergency. I tried a couple and found one that works really well – termius


I just pasted in my SSH private key and it connected straight away and gives quite a nice useable terminal interface on my phone.

Well done termius fellas! Like they say – it is putty for android

See Termius – SSH/SFTP and Telnet client for details.

SSH Terminal (aka putty) on Android – Termius

Bash on windows: a great unix backup tool


I’m using the bash on windows (WSL) every day now to take a snapshot of my unix-based web sites.

Given that most people have a windows machine with a huge disk, WSL is a great way to take a snapshot of unix directories using a familiar interface – rsync/ssh.

Here is a line from a backup script that runs under bash under windows.

/usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete ~/backups/

This asks rsync to copy a directory off an EC2 directory, and mirror it locally.

rsync will use a profile entry in the ~/.ssh/config file to provide the ssh certificate at run time in order to login and encrypt the rsync session.

  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ec2-secret.pem
  User ubuntu

This shows rsync which .pem file to use to login to the EC2 instance.

It doesn’t run as fast as a pure linux box would but certainly fast enough for my purposes.

Loving WSL !

Bash on windows: a great unix backup tool

Sendy, Amazon EC2 t2.micro: 50 emails a second

Screenshot 2017-07-09 10.53.42

Now that my main email group has over 5,000 members I decided to see if I could 1) get Amazon SES to up my sending rate and 2) whether an Amazon EC2 t2.micro could keep up with 50 sends a second.

The previous send rate was 20/sec and it seemed just fine and wasn’t such a problem, but as the list grows 50 seems much useful.

So the good new is that according to watching the status updates as a campaign goes out, and eyeballing the per-second updates, the t2.micro kept up really well and I’ll keep the rate at 50/sec going forward.

So Amazon EC2 t2.micro, and Amazon SES is a really good cheap option for running a decent sized email list.

Sendy, Amazon EC2 t2.micro: 50 emails a second