Sonos Play:1 and Netgear Orbi WiFi – may be solved

OK, if I factory defaulted the Play:1, connected direct to router with ethernet. Configure the Wireless Password while connected using the ethernet, then remove the ethernet cable and reset, it now DOES login to the Orbi WiFi and I can stream again.


Until the next time it won’t login again of couse.

Not sure if I had to default the config or not, but am glad I seem to have a solution.

Sonos Play:1 and Netgear Orbi WiFi – may be solved

Sonos Play:1 won’t authenticate to Netgear Orbi Password Incorrect

I’m really happy with the performance of my new mesh WiFi setup. It gives me awesome WiFi coverage of my entire property. See my posts here and here. What I’m not so hot on, though is the issue that keeps arising with my Sonos Play:1 getting into a state where it will not join the Orbi WiFi network.

You connect to the Sonos Play:1’s configuration WiFi, and supply the credentials for the Orbi WiFi, but you get a continual password incorrect error.

I was in this state when I first upgraded to my new Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi. Immediately I could not connect to the new WiFi. Then a few weeks later I tried again and I could connect and had a few weeks of useful operation. Can you think that I remember what part of the configuration reset I performed? Sadly no. It was not a factory reset because the Sonos has retained my favourites and playlists that I have saved there in the past.

I powered the Sonos off and on a few times as I moved it round the house, and it seems it has lost some part of the configuration that allowed it to connect to the WiFi. I also updated to Sonos S2 which might also have triggered my issue.

Sadly, as is often the case, searching the online forms is frustrating with lots of useless advice and repeat copies of the same fluff. No one who had this problem seems to be able to provide a workable solution.

Trying the cabled connection directly to the Orbi does not help, neither did a factory reset. It still won’t come online.

Very frustrating SONOS.

Sonos Play:1 won’t authenticate to Netgear Orbi Password Incorrect

orbi mesh Wi-Fi using ethernet backhaul – works!

I’m really impressed with the orbi wireless router. So far it has done everything that I asked of it. The software seems pretty rock solid.

I had the Satellite-2 located quite a few metres away from Satellite-1. The backhaul status was listed as poor, but worked quite ok. The max download was around 15Mb/s through my 100Mb/s internet link. Whilst this is not fabulous, I could use the same SSID throughout the whole property – bonus!

So now I plugged the Satellite-2 into ethernet that was connected back through 2 hubs to the orbi router module, reset and waited a few minutes. Voila – the Satellite-2 saw that there was a wired backhaul available and reconfigured to use it. Now I’m getting a solid 89Mb/s over wireless down in my office! Yay. Finally super fast Wi-Fi everywhere at my place.

Thanks orbi, you are a legend.

It is a bit hard to see, but here are my 2 satellites both showing good backhaul – one over wired and the other over 5G.

orbi mesh Wi-Fi using ethernet backhaul – works!

Tetris Effect on Surface Laptop i5 8Gb laggy and drops keypresses

Please help me work out why my version of Tetris Effect is unplayable on my otherwise very nice and fast Surface Laptop Core i5/8GB.

There is a very long delay from pressing a key to the piece rotating and even lost key strokes altogether.

The surface laptop has a simple Intel Graphics 620 HD Controller. It seems that I need at least a NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti . Sad 😦

A lower spec older machine with a dedicated graphics card runs just fine and this laptop is plenty fast enough for any other task I throw at it.

So what should I look at to see why have such a poor experience with Epic Game’s Tetris Effect?

Tetris Effect on Surface Laptop i5 8Gb laggy and drops keypresses

Netgear orbi – for the wifi mesh win

This wee map might not look like much, but it shows my new netgear orbi setup build a mesh wifi network that covers my whole property.

I have traditionally had 2 separate WiFi APs, requiring another WiFi device down at the back of the property in my office. This caused a lot of issues with a phone preferring to hang onto a poor WiFi signal rather than switch over to a stronger one closer by. So if I was to walk past the office on the way to house the office AP would be connected to, and held onto even when in the house. The signal from the remote AP was strong enough to hang onto, but not strong enough to provide a working internet connection. Happened several times each week.

Enter WiFi mesh. Let the WiFi devices talk amoungst themselves and present a single SSID to users. Netgear orbi delivers and works well.

I have the main router in the house, the first satellite in the playroom and the second satellite down in the office. It is a around 10-12m between the 2 satellites and a couple of brick walls, so the backhaul link it judged to be “poor”. The throughput is good enough though – 30-40Mbps, far better than a barely working dribbling WiFi connection.

Netgear orbi – for the wifi mesh win