orbi mesh Wi-Fi using ethernet backhaul – works!

I’m really impressed with the orbi wireless router. So far it has done everything that I asked of it. The software seems pretty rock solid.

I had the Satellite-2 located quite a few metres away from Satellite-1. The backhaul status was listed as poor, but worked quite ok. The max download was around 15Mb/s through my 100Mb/s internet link. Whilst this is not fabulous, I could use the same SSID throughout the whole property – bonus!

So now I plugged the Satellite-2 into ethernet that was connected back through 2 hubs to the orbi router module, reset and waited a few minutes. Voila – the Satellite-2 saw that there was a wired backhaul available and reconfigured to use it. Now I’m getting a solid 89Mb/s over wireless down in my office! Yay. Finally super fast Wi-Fi everywhere at my place.

Thanks orbi, you are a legend.

It is a bit hard to see, but here are my 2 satellites both showing good backhaul – one over wired and the other over 5G.

orbi mesh Wi-Fi using ethernet backhaul – works!

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