Netgear orbi – for the wifi mesh win

This wee map might not look like much, but it shows my new netgear orbi setup build a mesh wifi network that covers my whole property.

I have traditionally had 2 separate WiFi APs, requiring another WiFi device down at the back of the property in my office. This caused a lot of issues with a phone preferring to hang onto a poor WiFi signal rather than switch over to a stronger one closer by. So if I was to walk past the office on the way to house the office AP would be connected to, and held onto even when in the house. The signal from the remote AP was strong enough to hang onto, but not strong enough to provide a working internet connection. Happened several times each week.

Enter WiFi mesh. Let the WiFi devices talk amoungst themselves and present a single SSID to users. Netgear orbi delivers and works well.

I have the main router in the house, the first satellite in the playroom and the second satellite down in the office. It is a around 10-12m between the 2 satellites and a couple of brick walls, so the backhaul link it judged to be “poor”. The throughput is good enough though – 30-40Mbps, far better than a barely working dribbling WiFi connection.

Netgear orbi – for the wifi mesh win

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