What is the best WordPress Blogging Client?

Here are some links to go with the talk I gave to the July 2016 WordPress Perth meetup that covered WordPress Blogging Clients.

Here is the PDF of the Talk – WordPressBloggingClients.pdf

1. Windows Live Writer


Officially supported as a WordPress.com authoring tool

Can still download and use on Windows 10 as part of Windows Essentials 2012

WLW Introduction

No longer being maintained.

2. Open Live Writer



  • Fork of Windows Live Writer.
  • Open sourced via the .NET foundation.
  • Windows Only
  • Actively developed, but slow updates.
  • Check back in a few months.

3. WordPress.com Desktop (Calypso)



Desktop application for Windows/OSX/Linux that runs very similar code to the wordpress.com `create a new post’ page and other wp-admin pages.

  • Actively being developed, but still in beta.
  • Uses the new WP REST API.
  • Drafts are stored in your wordpress post drafts area
  • Needs the Jetpack plugin to connect your blog to wordpress.com for authentication to work.
  • Faster editing and more convenient that the wp-admin pages to create a new post.

4. Others




  • Great cross platform support and syncing of text between platforms.
  • OCR and Screen grabbing clients etc.

WordPress for Android/iOS.


  • If you can stand typing on a glass screen or an external keyboard then WordPress’s clients for mobile and tablet are an option.
  • Great for uploading photos from your phone for eg.
  • Check to see how well they share drafts and upload media etc.

So Which is Best ?

Start by reading the power point …. and then you’ll realise that there are too many dimensions on any comparison matrix. Ask yourself what is your most important criteria?

  • availability
  • speed
  • support
  • features

For me speed is number 1 and cross platform / sharing drafts is next most important.

Windows Live Writer was FAST for editing, created clean HTML but never was cross platform.

WordPress.com Desktop is cross platform, but still kinda slow and a bit clunky, and it tends to butcher the HTML. It does centally store drafts which is a bit plus and enables great cross platform authoring.

So no “1” is best, try them all and see what you like most.




What is the best WordPress Blogging Client?

3 thoughts on “What is the best WordPress Blogging Client?

  1. Hi David, thanks for sharing the slides from your presentation and the excellent overview of your presentation. I really wanted to be at your presentation as I was curious to know which blogging clients you use, why and what blogging clients others at the meetup use. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend as it clashed with a birthday party 😦

    Most of our Edublogs/CampusPress users use the admin interface. The Edublogs for iOS or WordPress for Android app is more commonly used with younger students in schools who have 1-to-1 iPads (and are generally more likely to have iOS tablets than Androids). We only have a few users that use the other types of blogging clients or blogging apps.

    What feedback did the others give at the meetup? Were they using any of the clients and did they have any personal preferences?


  2. Hi Sue,

    There was some discussion where I tried to get everyone to say what they used. Most present aren’t really bloggers, with 1 or 2 trying to post regularly. It seems wp-admin and Microsoft Word and a simple text editor were the most popular choices. No one had tried windows live writer or calypso so far. Hopefully a few will try them now though.

    I think they offer a much better experience that the wp-admin post method, maybe even some Edublog users might find them worthwhile.


    1. Thanks! I’m assuming it would also be influenced how they use WordPress i.e proportion of people at the meetup that are bloggers vs those that set up websites using WordPress.

      We do have some that write their draft posts using Word and then paste into the post editor. We have had a few that have set up MS Word to post to their blog. The blogging apps on mobile devices have tended to be more popular than the blogging client. However, a big difference between us and WordPress.com is we have a wide range of plugins that add additional features to the Post Editor that you don’t have with a blogging client or app.

      Thanks again for sharing!


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