’s truly awful website

So I clicked through from Google to day to a link on christiantoday dot com to read about a new movie starring Hugh Jackman that I hadn’t heard anything about. Sadly one of the top links was just such an awful awful web browsing experience that I feel compelled to highlight it to you all.

Sir, you do not deserve traffic from Google. Your site is a cess pool of ads and poor quality links, inter page ads and most pathetically – no actual content. The content is hidden behind some scam to fill in a survey.

I have no idea whether there is any actual content on this page !!

Perhaps Google should declare these sorts of pages as extremely low quality content and not rank them in the results.

Here below are 20 something screen shots to show how miserable the experience was. Please scroll and scroll and feel the pain.

Screenshot_20160619-141032Screenshot_20160619-141041Screenshot_20160619-141050Screenshot_20160619-141057Screenshot_20160619-141104Screenshot_20160619-141202Screenshot_20160619-141211Screenshot_20160619-141219Screenshot_20160619-141226Screenshot_20160619-141238Screenshot_20160619-141246Screenshot_20160619-141253Screenshot_20160619-141259Screenshot_20160619-141306Screenshot_20160619-141311Screenshot_20160619-141318Screenshot_20160619-141331Screenshot_20160619-141342Screenshot_20160619-141355Screenshot_20160619-141401Screenshot_20160619-141408Screenshot_20160619-141415Screenshot_20160619-141422’s truly awful website