Free Secure WordPress with LetsEncrypt’s Green Padlock

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Below are some links for the WordPress Perth talk this week.

Free Secure WordPress sites for everyone. Get your green padlock here! [USERS]

Now that free SSL certificates are available from the LetsEncrypt Certificate Authority, your WordPress site should be running as a secure web site.

Find out why your site should be using a SSL certificate, what is LetsEncrypt and how you can install a certificate and update your site to start showing a nice warm feeling via a green padlock to all your web site visitors.

1. PDF of the Slides




2. YouTube Video of me talking over the slides


In case you missed the presentation and want some words to go with the slides.



3. Someone else discovering SiteGround’s cPanel widget


A site called WPShout with a YouTube video of how they used SiteGround’s cPanel widget like I mentioned

SiteGround are here – and here are some hints on what the cPanel LetsEncrypt widget looks like.


4. More on redirecting


Another page mentioning how to reconfigure your .htaccess file to always redirect from http to https

Some more comments when I redirect my main site from http to https


5. More on Mixed Content Problems


It might take some digging to find all of your mixed content errors.


6. LetsEncrypt Links



7. LetsEncrypt on Amazon EC2/Bitnami

Because this is the internet, and you can never have too many links right ?

Here I talk about how from start to finish install a LetsEncrypt certificate on a UNIX LAMP Stack based on Bitnami.

and some notes on when I ran the LetsEncrypt renew script after a couple of months of using the certificate.

Free Secure WordPress with LetsEncrypt’s Green Padlock

iTunes suxor: song won’t appear in album

So I could rant against iTunes a whole heap.

I have learned to tickle and carefully tip toe around iTunes but someones I just give up and scream.

Why, or why won’t iTunes put that last damn track into the album stack with the rest of the damn album. It is in the same folder based on album name, but it just won’t appear in the same album.

I just can’t see any difference that iTunes should/could/ought to care about.


That one last track just won’t jump into the album proper !

Sometimes I need to change something in both album’s meta data to force all of the tracks to be re-written, and it might, sometimes, if you are lucky – work 😦

iTunes suxor: song won’t appear in album