Google Play Music rescues iTune’s fail fail fail


For the last several months I have been more and more frustrated with iTunes and its complete failure to be able to sync my MP3 library to our children’s iPods. The ever growing library of audio books seems to have kept even the creeping iOS releases completely unable to put media files on their devices.

First, I have to admit there are a lot of media files in my iTunes library.


I have spent hours and hours syncing, resetting both devices, replugging, waiting, watching to try to get a sync operation to complete my reques to delete some files and add some more. Sync operations would never complete, even after several hours, or complete and do nothing towards actually updating the device.

iTunes you are broken broken broken.

This is no surprise to many, but I have to write about it to get it out of my system. FAIL Apple FAIL.

Now a few months on I am happy to say that Google Play Music has come to the rescue with a cloud-based-solution that actually seems to work and can handle a large media library.

Now I use iTunes to rip the audio books and add artwork and create playlists and then the Chrome extension for Google Play Music copies the media to the cloud and then via the iOS Google Play Music app we can play the library over the internet no problegoogm.

The Chrome extension runs in the background and over several months it has never failed to be able to upload and sync all my media and playlists. It can take a few hours to work its way through a recently updated iTunes library, but it does get there.

Here you can see Chrome has been able to upload more than 19,000 items into my Google Play Music account.


I can upload up to 50,000 tracks – yay! some room to grow.

Here is what it looks like on the iPod app.


I have the bonus that our Android phones can also stream audio books as well, and can use the offline toggle to take a local copy of books I want to play in the car too.

Thankyou Google for a solution that actually works.


Google Play Music rescues iTune’s fail fail fail

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