SVN Client on Bitnami LAMP Stack


The Bitnami LAMP stack doesn’t have an SVN server or client binaries available so you will need to compile in your own if you want to use SVN to deploy and manage your web sites on Bitnami.

First Attempt



mv sqlite-amalgamation-3071501 sqlite-amalgamation
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev

vim Makefile <– yes I added -liconv as link time option
sudo apt-get install libaprutil1
sudo make install

An update – the svn I built didn’t actually work over http/https so failed at checkin time. (svn status operations were ok)

Something to do with cerf not being configured in svn.

Next Try

Decided it was getting too hard and the rabbit warren was looming.

So tried something else, used a link to an install script from wandisco for a Ubuntu version of subversion.

Download Subversion Server and Client (SVN)

Apache Subversion downloads you can trust

Fully-tested, certified Subversion binaries from WANdisco

After giving them my email address, and renaming the downloaded script, and sudo-ing the install script I got a much better svn binary. Had to delete the old binary because despite the scripts claim to do so, it didn’t update the existing binary.

The download link was something like

Seems you need to register to get your own script download.

Anyways it worked fine and didn’t seem to disturb anything else.

Client Only So Far

There was something I remember about this only be suitable for SVN as a client though, one more step needed to deploy a SVN server.

SVN Client on Bitnami LAMP Stack

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