LetsEncrypt now on cPanel on SiteGround


SiteGround is just an awesome WordPress host.

The latest proof of their awesomeness is the ability to install a free SSL certificate for every domain you host there. These free certs come from the LetsEncrypt project, and don’t require any fussy registrations or proof of name or anything – just one click and the cert is generated and installed for you.

In just a few seconds I upgraded all 11 of my sites on my VPS Cloud Server to support SSL, edited the .htaccess files and voila – now all of my sites are secure.

LetsEncrypt cPanel Widget

Screenshot 2016-02-06 14.48.05

This is what the LetsEncrypt widget looks like.

Just select the domain you want to create the certificate for, supply an email address and it will be generated and installed with one click.

Screenshot 2016-02-06 14.51.33


Screenshot 2016-02-06 14.51.30

The SiteGround implementation promises to renew the certificates every 90 days automatically for you.

The whole process couldn’t be easier !

Here is their product announcement: Let’s Encrypt is Here – Open Source Security Certificates Available at SiteGround

Now you just need to update your sitemap, find all all hard references to http:// and code your .htaccess redirect file.

LetsEncrypt now on cPanel on SiteGround

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