Removing stuck CD/DVD in Dell XPS 2710

I inserted a CD into my drive in my Dell XPS 2710 that has been upgraded to Windows 10 and it was of an unknown format and would not eject.


  • Using the keyboard combination Fn + Eject
  • Using Eject Menu item from Explorer was absent
  • Using Eject from any windows program failed
  • Explorer shows desktop.ini and whirs the CD drive every few moments forever.
  • Proximity eject “soft” button at the bottom right of the screen ignored.

So there was only one thing for it. Take the back off, remove the CD/DVD/BluRay drive and extract the disk.

Thankfully I was inspired by how easy this would be by this video


The drive has 4 screws and a ribbon cable with connector and it is out. Next remove 4 small screws on the back of the drive casing and you can pop the disk out.

All done. Just 10 minutes.

The disk was not `finalised’ so I think it was just invalid and the combination of Windows 10 and the drivers meant that all the eject options failed.

The disk does not read in Windows 7 machine either, but at least there Explorer still has the eject option available from the right mouse click.

Removing stuck CD/DVD in Dell XPS 2710

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