Dropbox – the OneDrive you wanted


I have started using Dropbox to share files that I’m actively wanting to share between my mac, windows and web interfaces.

Even though I have Office 2016 on mac and windows, the ability to share word and excel files between my PCs is just not there. OneDrive and the office sync features are just not good enough. I see so many errors and problems that I just can’t trust it for files I need.

Contrast to Dropbox, now installed as an app proper on OSX and Windows 10. Any files I drop into my dropbox folder is very shortly and reliably available on the other platforms.

Extra bonus, any screen dump I do on OSX appears automatically on my PC here I can use Photoshop proper to edit it.

Sorry, but Microsoft you just don’t cut it. Dropbox for my actively shared files, you are it.

Dropbox – the OneDrive you wanted

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