Heading towards Windows 7 Upgrade

Decided that I ought to upgrade my main desktop machine to Windows 7. I have been running happily on Vista for 2.5 years. The machine is a Athlon X2 with 4Gb of RAM and a vanilla video card. The main reason for upgrading is to start with a new install. The Vista install is running smoothly, but after a couple of years of installing and uninstalling software you do accumulate guff in the registry and in program files etc.

I have an upgrade copy of Win7 to get me from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium.

At the same time I plan to run the new windows on a new 1TB drive.

Currently Vista runs on a 160Gb drive with another 250Gb drive as the E: drive.

So this presents problem first up. An upgrade should ideally use the same disk or partition. Luckily I have a Windows Home Server to help me.

The plan is to restore the backup of Vista from the C: drive to a newly formatted larger C: drive. After activating the new 1TB Vista install (which is trivial), I’ll run the upgrade (forcing a fresh install) of Windows 7.

Hopefully then the old E: drive can hang of Win7 and I can re-install apps and move my documents back to the main drive.

That’s the plan anyway. I’ll let you know if my plans are pure folly.

So far the 100Gb of data is restoring back over the network. Around 1.5 hours it reckons.

Heading towards Windows 7 Upgrade

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