after the jump : win 7 here we are


Status Update: Windows 7 upgrade has been particularly painless.

The restore of the old Vista install to a new disk was 1.5 hours of waiting. The actual upgrade to windows 7 was around 40 minutes total I spose. A few updates to download and voila.

I didn’t know whether I had to format the new drive before restoring the Vista insall so I did. That took several hours :(  The Windows Home Server recovery disk is naturally pretty bare so it wasn’t clear to me if I had to format or not. It all worked like a treat in the end.

First thing to do was get VirtualBox up and running so I could do some work. No problem, just added back the virtual disk on the E: drive and the virtual machine came up no problem.

Windows Home Server is giving a bit of grief still though. I can’t connect or map drives. I have my WHS set as Guest access open for everyone on the network. For some reason the new Win7 machine keeps asking for passwords and there isn’t one.

Doesn’t seem to be related to the new “homegroup” feature as that is win7-win7 only. Will have to solve this one later.

oooh my desktop background just changed. sweet. another aussie image, rainforest I guess.

Will do the biggies like Office, LightRoom later.

after the jump : win 7 here we are

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