Those clever spammers

Am seeing a new class of spammers on the Rosacea Support Community forum. They are obviously real human spammers, not the `robots auto registering’ sort that we have seen of late.

This new breed know how to use the rich text of the composer to hide web links in forum posts. Normal visitors won’t see the links – perhaps only be confused by the strange text from someone who isn’t really there for the usual reasons.

Web search engines will see the link though and give the destination site some `link juice’ from the forum site. This seems like a good ploy as some sites have been around for a long time and have become authority sites in the eyes of the likes of google.

Can I give a big free hint to you @#$@#$!^% spammers; google is clever enough to know what a hidden link looks like and will ignore it.

The annoying downside for site owners is that a forum needs to be baby sat. More and more onerous requirements on new members for eg. stopping them posting new links for the first 20 posts, just makes it more annoying for genuine members to freely use the site.

Whack-a-mole round #42 continues … as long as there are economies with cheap labour and industries who want to advertise the spammers will be with us.

8-06-2009 11-11-41 AM

seemingly innocent post

8-06-2009 10-56-27 AM

perhaps a bit clearer view of what they are doing

8-06-2009 10-57-53 AM

what they actually typed.

Those clever spammers