over the air syncing for google contacts and google calender to ipod touch

Phew what a mouthful for a title.

I have never been at all interested in contact management or calendar management on the iPod touch. That is until today I discovered that I could sync both of these in both directions to my google account. Since I’ve gone totally google for personal email, and I use google calendar together with Julia, I figured I’d just do all my calendaring and email via a web browser.

Well thanks to a freebie beta service at https://www.nuevasync.com/ I have a new front end for my contacts and calendar while on the move.

I can sync over the air from the iPod calendar app to my google calendar. Also contacts from gmail are now contacts on the iPod.

Here is a snapshot of my google calendar as synced down to the iPod.


Contacts from gmail synced down to the iPod.


I couldn’t bear the thought of having to use the bloat known as iTunes for this syncing. Thank goodness you can do it over the air.

The setup is quite a few steps, but it seems to be working for me. It uses the microsoft exchange features of the new firmware it seems, not quite sure how that bit works, but it does.

I can only get my personal calendar synced at the moment, not sure how to get Julia’s there as well – that would be really nice. The NuevaSync web site suggests that this should work ….

Since switching back to the the iPod mail app to access gmail via IMAP the contacts stored locally are a great bonus. It is now possible to easily email anyone using the in-built ipod mail application.

A related nice change to the gmail IMAP interface is the ability to archive messages using the delete icon. Previously deleted messages would be trashed on gmail, but now they can be archived for future searching. More info on this feature via a recent tweet of mine ;

I love that I can now use the trash icon in gmail imap client on the ipod and it no longer trashes, but archives – noice http://bit.ly/eBU8


You know this makes the iPhone just that little bit more compelling as a phone. Maybe for Christmas 09 when my current contract expires and the next gen iPhone (smaller, less touchy, more buttons) is out.

over the air syncing for google contacts and google calender to ipod touch