giving to those who have everything:

I had a party for a significant birthday on the weekend. I really didn’t want people to go out and buy me a gift. What do I need as a gift that I don’t have already, or couldn’t go out and get if I so wanted ?

One thought was to suggest firstly that people didn’t need to buy me a gift. If people really wanted to purchase something I asked that they buy a truly useful gift at TEAR Australia’s

What a lovely surprise resulted. Not only did people ignore the request not go buy something, they shopped at the web site and gave cash on the day. The total gifts given were as follows ;

4 x Safe Water, 4 x Food Security, 4 x Goat, 1 x Toilet, 1 x Tree Seedlings

I am touched and humbled by your generosity guys, thanks so much. It is the best gift I can think of. Not only have I always wanted a small flock of goats in my honour, but now I have a toilet with my name on it also !

Here is a shot from the party, with a real cow, sheep, horse, pig, dog and cat-thing that was also purchased in my honour.


Photo by N. Takayama

In the interest of transparency, here are the PDFs that the web site sent when a gift was purchased. One goat was purchased via a printed form.


giving to those who have everything:

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