Movie Review: Bride and Prejudice

Bollywood meets Jane Austin. One of those movies where you aren’t sure if this was meant as a comedy or not. So this leaves you nervous wondering if you are meant to laugh, cringe or just enjoy the fluff piece that this is.

Jane Austin-philes will hate what has been done to their classic tale, but if you know that you are in for an over the top dance singsong in the style of Bollywood then you might just be able to enjoy this movie.

The mother of the 4 girls in the story makes this movie for me. She was sooo over the top obsessed with getting her girls married off. Her character was great. I got a hint that you were meant to just laugh and cringe your way through this when a shot with a choir singing in the background panned back to actually reveal the choir in full attire. Great cheesy stuff.

Movie Review: Bride and Prejudice

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