Feeling all ipod touch geeky

Finally gave in and got the 2.1 firmware for the iPod touch. I figured that as I got it for free it wasn’t that bad to give the evil Apple empire an extra $13. Seeing the new iPod Touch 2.0 makes me feel sad that I have the first version though 😦 Also the thought of having to upgrade iTunes and suffer the bloat that comes with that really didn’t appeal to me.

Anyway I installed a few apps and had a quick play. The whole experience is quite nice. I installed the facebook, wordpress, smugmug, twitterific and google apps.

I uploaded a heap of screen dumps here SmugShots. The SmugShots app is really simple to use, especially since I’m already a SmugMug user. There is no camera of course, so you can only upload screen dumps or stuff already in your image library.

One of the more interesting or geeky shots is catching the image slideshow between 2 images.


Here are some more screen dumps, just for the pure colour of it all

Feeling all ipod touch geeky

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