My site visitors: 88% Windows, 70% IE

Here is the table for my traffic to in August. Showing that my visitors are run-of-the-mill computer users (and not geeks) you can see by far and away IE on Windows is my meat and vege. In fact IE 7 on Windows XP is still king.

Other data points

  • Windows Vista users 16% vs. Mac OS X 8% (XP is 66%)
  • 556 visitors from Windows 3.xx !!
  • IE8 had 157 visitors
  • still a huge 27% use IE6, with 18% using all versions of Firefox
  • Mac is 8% vs. Windows 88% – perhaps close to the supposed world wide market share ?


I imagine that these sorts of stats are quite typically for non geek sites.

My site visitors: 88% Windows, 70% IE