adobe owns me far more than microsoft

So I reletend recently and paid for the upgrade from Lightroom 1 to Lightroom 2. I was always going to upgrade, but wanted to wait and see what Adobe had to say about their international pricing. I had a good hunt around the blogosphere and saw that Adobe was firmly entrenched in their current pricing regime. It is absolutely their policy to charge more for international delivery of their products. They do have some reasons for this, and I can’t see them changing any time soon.

Annoying but hey that is how it is.

Just thought that it was interesting that I have paid $315 for LR1 and $165 for LR2 upgrade being $480 to be able to run Adobe Lightroom. This is the cheapest/easiest path I could find. The initial $315 was a special short-term price at the end of the Lightroom 1 beta testing period.

By contrast I paid $149 for the OEM copy of Vista Home Premium that I use. It does seem a bit strange to me that Adobe has already extracted more than twice as much as Microsoft.

OK I neglect to mention the $226 I paid for Office 2007 Home and Student – but I can claim that as a legitimate business expense and I get a GST receipt.

Adobe domecile their Australian online sales through Ireland so I don’t even get a GST receipt to claim the input credit (should I be eligible to do so as a business expense).

adobe owns me far more than microsoft

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