Even Amazon won’t ship Lightroom 2 Upgrades

Thought I’d just see if the US Amazon store would ship me a Adobe LightRoom Version 2 Upgrade.


Alas no go.

Adobe still seems to very quiet on the whole “International Adobe Lightroom users are pissed” front. This is not a good sign. The more time passes the more I believe that Adobe is taking the piss with its’ users.

Michael Martin-Morgan says

I won’t bore everybody with the figures – those who want to can justtry visiting their respective Adobe sites and check the corresponding rip-offs concerning ALL PRODUCTS, against the US site – I’ll just say that I’ve been grilling Adobe over this for some 5 years now and they’ve not bothered to do anything about it. I’ve told them time and again that their stupidity foments illegal downloading of their products to such an extent that I bet if Photoshop cost just a hundred dollars and everybody in the world who uses it had paid for it they’d be making more of a profit.

Only conclusion: they’re great software artists but complete idiots when it comes to selling the stuff.

Adobe is drowning in the complaints. Please respond Adobe !

Even Amazon won’t ship Lightroom 2 Upgrades

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